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Thanks for taking time to read about my work. I consider myself a craftsman and a storyteller. I'm often thinking (and daydreaming) about how people can become participants in work and life and connect their lives to a meaningful story.

Mostly, I write and speak about tables. How approaching our work and life through the image of the table leads to a sense of wholehearted participation in the world. At the table we are level, equal, for each other and also for ourselves. I am committed to this work because I want to help people engage their lives, the lives of others, and the world around them with wonder, intentionality, and equality. 

I also design and craft furniture that is urban inspired and made with ethical materials, process, and intentional 'storied' purpose. For more info visit ThisIsUrbanMade.com

Currently, I live in Seattle with my wife Melissa; she is the most delightful person I've ever met. 

I'm available to speak at various events, gatherings and workshops. Please reach out with further questions or just to say 'hi.' If you find yourself in Seattle, I would love to buy you coffee and hear your story.

      jordancdowell1 [at] gmail.com