Learning to Pray

Lately, I’ve been leaning into the riches of historical worship traditions and liturgies. The College Community I lead is a great place where I can try out some of these transitions and this is an example of a prayer I wrote to guide us into Worship:

[Leader] Loving God, there is nothing secret from you. You know what is on our minds and hearts.

[ALL] Teach us to be still from within. Help us to breathe. 

[Leader] You God, know what we need from you, and you know what holds us back.

[ALL] Teach us how to receive you into our lives. Help us to worship.

[Leader] Present God, there is no place in this world where you are not. Your presence is real in this room.

[ALL] Teach us, O God, and help us to experience you tonight. Help us open up to you.

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